Advisory Mandates

The Curzon Land team has significant breadth and depth in the execution of transactions. We are able to assist purchasers with all aspects of the due diligence process. Our ability to offer a local, institutional and conflict-free transaction service to our clients ensures that they are well represented in their transactions.

Curzon Land (UK) Ltd. offers a full fiduciary transaction service including:

  • Recommendation and appointment of consultants such as lawyers, building and engineering technical services and valuers
  • Ongoing management of consultants to ensure an institutional level of due diligence
  • Preparation and negotiation of the sales contract, in conjunction with appointed legal consultants
  • Ongoing ad-hoc negotiation of terms on behalf of our clients
  • Identification of and taking action on key issues
  • Management of the settlement process and any post-settlement reconciliations

This process is overseen from the London office.

Services are tailored to specific investment needs drawing on our geographic and sector expertise and supplementing this with third party market research. Curzon Land will only commit to projects where we have a distinct advantage in both the markets in which we operate directly and the types of property that we are sourcing.


asset management

Asset management is a natural post-acquisition service and is tailored to the client’s business plan focussed on optimising value of the asset.

Our Advantage


Using an ‘open architecture’ platform, we are not tied to any institution’s  or agent’s products meaning the advice and guidance that we offer is entirely objective and independent – put simply, we have no conflict of interest and act solely on behalf of our clients. By working with CurzonLand, clients can be assured that where a solution to their investment requirements exists, we will find it. Our independence means that our clients can trust the advice we provide and we can better help our clients to grow and protect their wealth for the long term.

We believe in aligning our interests with those of our clients which means that the assets of our partners and clients are managed side by side. As an owner-managed firm, we believe that we are better placed to attract and retain the best investment talent as well as to take a long-term view of the needs of our clients.


Unique Model

Our model is as simple as it is successful. We have found that our clients value our advice regarding their personal assets as much as their corporate assets. Using our own proven investment experience and with access to the market’s leading sources of expertise, we use our fully integrated platform to advise on how best to invest and structure real estate assets.



Real estate opportunities today are multi-faceted and complex. We possess the know-how and skills needed to manage the risks and take advantage of the opportunities. Our handpicked team delivers a fresh perspective to investment advice for the modern-day entrepreneur, irrespective of the market, region, culture or language. Collectively, the team offers expertise, innovation and a variety of relevant industry contacts across a wide range of disciplines.