About Us

‘We believe that we have a business model that is perfectly suited to overseas investors seeking independent representation in the UK.’

Christopher Green, CEO and Founder CurzonLand (UK) Ltd.

Curzon Land (UK) Ltd. was founded by Christopher Green to provide independent real estate investment advice to overseas institutional and high net worth clients seeking to make strategic direct real estate investments into the UK’s liquid and transparent market. Whether the investor is seeking wealth preservation or value-add wealth creation, Curzon Land is equipped to source, structure and subsequently manage investments to extract the highest and best value from this mid to long-term asset class. Our investors have a wide breadth of requirements in terms of both size and location of investments, we are constantly sourcing suitable opportunities and work with local brokers who introduce such opportunities.



Using an ‘open architecture’ platform, we are not tied to any institution’s or agent’s products meaning the advice and guidance that we offer is entirely objective and independent – put simply,

unique model

Our model is as simple as it is successful. We have found that our clients value our advice regarding their personal assets as much as their corporate assets. Using our own proven investment experience


Real estate opportunities today are multi-faceted and complex. We possess the know-how and skills needed to manage the risks and take advantage of the opportunities. Our handpicked team delivers a



Asset management